LED Deck Lighting
USB Charging Outlets
Surge Protection
Lighten up your deck with a custom LED deck lighting layout from SEC Electrical Services. We can provide you with several ideas that will suit your style and needs with LED fixtures such as: recessed floor star lights, post lights, stair lights, strip lights, rail lights and many more combinations. Your new LED deck lights will be what everyone is talking about at your next BBQ or family gathering. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect LED deck fixtures and layout design during your free guaranteed on site quote.
Interior Redesign Switch & Receptacle Upgrades
Rejuvenate your home's apperance by installing modern and state of the art switches and receptacles (wall outlets). By offering a large variety of device installations, developed by many of the leading electrical device manufactures in the industry, we are sure to assist you in finding a style that suit your personal and home's needs. Many decorative and innovative switches and receptacle devices are available in todays market designed to make your home more appealing, comfortable, safer and energy efficent. We will be happy to sit down with you and show what new devices are available and how they will benefit your home. Best of all, many of these devices will pay for themselves, with a quick return of investment in no time due to the energy savings they will pass on to your electric utility bill.
Todays homes and business are full of devices such as: smart phones, MP3 players and tablets that require a USB port to provide charging. Typical wall outlets are not capable of charging these devices, unless an adaptor is used, and that's only if you can find the right one that's mixed in with all your other charging adaptors. Well we have a solution for this. By installing a USB combo device you will never have to worry again about finding that adaptor when you need it most. We install multiple USB receptacle styles installing in any location you desire at a price you cant beat. Its good to know that there is a receptacle capable of provide power for todays electrical needs.
Anyone fortunate enough to live in Northern Colorado bares witness to some of mothers natures most spectacular storms. The lighting produced from these storms can provide damage to millions of sensitive electronic devices and electrical sytems in homes and business. Transient Voltages from lighting, that strikes miles away, can still make its way into your homes electrical system frying the electronics in that new flat screen TV mounted on your wall. By installing and entire home surge protection unit to your electrical system will prevent these transient voltages, as well as utility and interior voltage spikes, from getting into your homes electrical system by eliminating the spike at the surge panel.

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Renovate and modernize your home with SEC ELectrical Services. Today's electrical industry is quickly evolving and transforming with new products designed to modernize your homes electrical capabilities, efficiency and apperance. Best of all most of these projects are designed with new energy regulations and aim at reducing energy consumption, resulting in a quick return of investment rate sometimes less then six months. We have the solutions and qualifications to assist you in transforming the beauty and intelligence of your homes electrical system by using only UL certified and the highest quality and reliable energy savings products at affordable prices. Contact us for a FREE consultaion and quote to see how your home and business can benefit with todays electrical technology and solutions
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