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Each year electrical fires result in an average of 320 deaths, 830 injuries and damage over 24,000 homes. These electrical fires could have been prevented by installing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI's). AFCI's will disconnect power when\ an arc (spark) in sinced, to prevent an electrical fire from occurring. Homes constructed in 2002 and beyond are required by the National Electrical code to have AFCI protection. This leaves thousands of homes in our area constructed before 2002 unprotected. We provide panel inspections and upgrades to install AFCI's. This is the most important investment a home owner can make to protect there home and most importantly their loved ones from the destruction of electrical fires.
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A surge, known as a transient voltage, is a momentary spike of high voltage. These can occur from lighting strikes miles away, utility company errors and voltage spikes from equipment such as your central air unit. Surges can occur in your home or enter through the outside of your electrical system. By installing a whole home surge protection unit, it will provide your dwelling and all the sensitive equipment plugged in 100% protection. We offer many levels from general system protection to advanced network, video and wiring protection.
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Electrical Fire Safety Checklist
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 With AFCI's
The simple an affordable method of installing a programmable timer can provide your home or office with significant protection be providing the feeling of presence while you are away. Programmable timers can be set at preferred or random intervals that will have any intruder second guessing themselves. A bonus of programmable timers is that they are a great way to lower energy consumption when used in playrooms, restrooms, etc... These savings will pay for the cost of the timer in a short period of time.
Through our extensive knowledge, training and distributor relationships, we are able to offer you the lowest prices on top notch security camera installations. WE offer CCTV, network and wireless installations capable of Remote monitoring and DVR recording. Contact us for a free onsite guaranteed quote. You won't find a more reliable system with a lower installation price anywhere else.
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Home Electrical Safety Inspections
If your a homeowner, renter, buyer or seller have your homes eletrical system inspected by a licensed & qualified master electrician. It is likely the most affordable investment available for your property and loved ones. Visit our Electrical Inspection page for more information.
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Nightlight's and Lamps are Not Toys
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At SEC Electrical Services we offer many solutions and services designed to protect your home and family from potential electrical hazards and to provide a safer enviroment utilizing the latest in eletrical technology. We offer simple and affordable methods providing several levels of protection form events such as electrical fires, damaging transient voltages and theft prevention that will not only secure your electrical and personal safety but increase the value of your home as well.
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