Your Home or Business may be at risk of these real electrical hazards. Eliminate the risk of electrical shock and fire by having a qualified electrician inspect your electrical sytems. We use the latest testing equipment to make sure your system is in compliance with all of todays standards and regulations.
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Having your homes electrical system inspected by a qualified electrical contractor is one of the best and most affordable investments a home owner can make. Every three years, new and revised electrical codes are listed and published by the National Electrical Code (NEC). These code changes are the results of study's and research intended to make electrical systems safer from the hazards of electrical shock and fire. In addition to NEC changes, we identify codes that are in violation due to incorrect electrical installations performed by the "do-it-yourself" individuals, unlicensed electrical contractors, or other unqualified personnel. SEC Electrical Services follows the strict guidelines of NFPA 73 "Standard for Electrical Inspections for Existing Dwellings" as well as all other local and national codes and regulations in order to assure our customer's electrical systems will not just meet code standards but exceed them.
Commercial Electrical Systems are more complex then the typical residential 240/210 volt system. Higher Voltage systems and sensitive electrical equipment are present in commercial establishments which requires qualified electrical contractors with the skills and knowledge to identify and properly correct potential commercial electrical hazards. SEC Electrical Services will comb through your facilities entire electrical system, identifying electrical hazards. At the end of the inspection, we discuss our findings and work closely with authorized personnel to determine the best and most affordable solutions to bring the facilities electrical system back to code and OSHA compliant. Remember you cannot go wrong with a Commercial Electrical Inspection, the return of investment is worth much more than the low cost of the inspection. By preventing potential fines from unannounced OSHA inspections, preventing life changing electrical accidents and of course by providing a safer environment for your employees and customers is an invaluable investment.
With todays new electrical devices, designed to save electrical energy, comes to energy efficiency regulations followed by incentives and rebates to become more energy efficiency compliant. Do to this, it has never been a better time to reduce your environmental footprint while lowering your electrical utility bill. We are familiar with all local and national energy conservation codes and standards, we will walk you through every step of the way showing you how much potential energy and money you can save. By developing and showing different options with the potential savings, and return of investment, you can be assured we will find you the perfect option designed just for you and your facilities needs.
From small buildings and agricultural companies to larger industrial plants, motors are highly important components of the production process and require proper inspection and maintenance. There is a high rate of motor and control equipment that is not in compliance with industry standards in many of todays facilities. This is due to the fact that many plant maintenace personal, many whom are not fully qualified, work on the same motors and control equipment making alterations and repairs to there own preference. Our Motor & Control Inspection is an in depth inspection focusing on identifying and correcting improperly sized feeders, conduit, over current protective devices and code complaint regulations. Lower the risk of an Arc blast and a hefty OSHA fine and increase your the dependency and safety of your process by having a Motor & Control Inspection done.
In addition to commercial inspections, we offer custom preventive electrical maintenace (PM's) tailored for your facility.
All Home Electrical Inspections include a FREE Energy Efficiency Audit, designed to lower your electrical utility bill!
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