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SEC Electrical Services offers a variety of simple, efficient and affordable services and installations intended to increase the safety of children in your home or business from the always present hazard of electricity. From preventing curious children from playing with electrical devices to providing video room monitoring for peace of mind, SEC Electrical Services is your qualified electrician to provide a much safer electrical system environment for your children. Below you will find some of our featured child safety solutions, visit our Residential Services page and please fell free to contact us for more ideas, solutions or question you may have.
All our electrical inspections have key points focused not only on your premises, but child safety as well!
Monitor the safety of your children in the baby room, playroom, backyard or the playground with a reliable video system installed by SEC Electrical Services. As with our other installations and services, we offer a variety of video monitoring installations and solutions customized to your home and family's security needs. From low profile wall mount video cameras to infrared night monitoring cameras with multi-room room TV monitoring, we have a solution and style suited for you.
Say good bye to those unreliable plug in nightlight's that your kids are always pulling out of the wall and loosing by replacing them with a permanent wall mounted LED nightlight. Have them installed in your kids' rooms, restrooms, hallways, starirwells or anywhere you desire to give the dependable light you need when the lights are out. SEC Electrical Services offers a variety of night lights installation options such as combo TR receptacles and emergency lighting that automatically come on during a power outage. Fell free to contact us today to find out how we can assist you with permanently installed nightlight's.
Replacing your typical wall outlets (receptacles) with tamper resistant receptacles is one of the most affordable and important home upgrades available. The National Electrical Code requires homes and buildings such as day care facilities constructed after 2008 to be equipped with TR receptacles to protect children from inserting foreign objects, such as paper clips, into receptacles resulting in potential burn, fire and electrocution. If you would like your home to be upgraded to todays code standards and provide a safer environment for your children, please contact us today for a free guaranteed on site quote.
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