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Daylight Harvesting
Taking advantage and utilizing daylight as part of your lighting design is the most cost effective way to save energy when it comes to lighting, this is called Daylight Harvesting. SEC Electrical Services offers a variety of installations that are designed to automatically adjust the lighting levels of rooms in accordance with the levels of natural light resulting in a cost effective, constant level of illumination. To recieve more information and a free energy savings audit regarding daylight harvesting, contact us.
Todays lighting control technology offers many energy efficent and "smart" control options capable of dramatically reducing your energy consumption. Devices such as universal occupancy sensors and dimmers for LED & fluorescent lamps, cieling fan speed controls, motion sensors, time controls, are an affordable solution for interior and exterior lighting that can reduce energy consumption upwards of 90% while providing a more modern look. If you would like to provide your home with automation lighting control, we offer radio frequency (RF) lighting, automated lighting, wireless lighitng & control systems. If you are interested about lighitng control, but argent sure if it's quite right for you, contact us and we will be glad to give you a free demonstration and go over potential savings amount and available rebates.
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Energy Monitoring (sub-metering) is a new efficient way to monitor how much electricity you are using, when where and on what, from the convince of your own home. By being able to see how much electricity and at what times certain appliances and circuits are using the most will allow you to make changes resulting in more effective energy conservation and a lower utility bill. To learn more about the benefits of energy-monitoring equipment and to see what design best suits your home or business, contact us for a free consultaion and our guaranteed price quote.
Energy Monitoring (Sub-Metering)
Save Upwards of 20% on your Electric Energy Consumption with the KVAR 1200 Power Saver
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SEC Electrical Services is the areas most qualified and premier electrical service contractor in making your home or business more energy efficient while significantly lowering your electrical utility bill. We are proud to currently be the only certified EcoXpert solar panel installer and electrical vehicle charging station installer in the state of Colorado. We offer free energy audits and consultaion's which are designed to show our customers their potential energy savings in conjunction with local and national rebates and incentives and the estimated ROI (return of investment). We take pride when it comes to helping our communities of northern Colorado and its residences become more energy efficent. Contact us to see how we can help you obtain your goals in reducing your carbon footprint and to reduce your your electric utility bill.
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