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Have a video security system or are you looking to invest in one? You came to the right place. SEC Electrical Services offers a variety of DVR recording systems. From one camera or more than sixteen, hidden or in plain sight we have the expertise to assist you in choosing the best system for your facility.
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Protect your entire building's electrical system and save up to 20% energy usage by installing one simple affordable unit. With all of the expensive technology and electrical usage increase needed to run today's business, this is a must have addition for any facility.
Whole Building Surge Protection & Energy Savings Device.
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Whether you own or operate a small business or a large department store, SEC Electrical Services is available to provide your business with qualified electrical work at the most affordable price. We understand the importance of operating a business in a professional manner with the goal of leaving your customers satisfied with a positive experience. When performing commercial services, we obligate ourselves not only to follow our rules and safety policy but our customers as well. We maintain a professional appearance and workmanship while utilizing safe work practices in show of our respect to your facility. We utilize all the necessary means not to interfere with your facilities customers and operations while leaving you with a positive experience.
We are proud to currently be the only certified E.V. charging station installer through Schneider Electric in the State of Colorado. Let us assist you in choosing the right charging station and the ideal location for your facility's needs. We offer free evaluations and guaranteed quotes. Locate us on Schneider Electric or Contact us today.
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A simple and affordable way to save upwards of 90% energy usage and lower your utility bill. Best of all get a significant rebate check back for these upgrades. We are familiar with all the energy codes & standards, and will assist you in making sure you get the maximum rebate you deserve. We provide free energy savings audits and will assist you in choosing the best lighting control application and style from our trusted distributors.
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