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Adding programmable timers or occupancy sensors your home is not only a simple, affordable and highly effective way to save energy, but also provides your home with additional security.. Programmable timers can be programmed to precise settings or random times and durations allowing the sense of presence when you are away. Occupancy Sensors not only greatly lower your home energy usage, but will automatically turn on your lighting when motion is detected, scaring away possible intruders. In addition smart lighting control can result in potential energy saving upwards of 90%. With a quick return of investment rate, occupancy sensors will pay for themselves in as little as six months. Contact us for a free energy savings audit and consultation tailored specially for your home and style,
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Have you attempted your own homes electrical repairs? Worried your D.I.Y. husband did it correctly?
Save up to 20% on your electric bill and protect your home from power surges by installing a KVAR 1200 power savings device!!!

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      Add some style to your home
With a Switch & Receptacle Makeover
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Thank you for choosing SEC Electrical Services to provide your residence with the highest quality workmanship and customer services while utilizing the most efficent and dependable electrical products available in todays market at an unbeatable price. We take pride in the fact that we have taken the time and efforts to recieve the expertise and qualifications needed make your home electrical system more efficient, reliable, code compliant and safer by utilizing todays electrical codes, standards and trends. Whether you just need a switch replaced or your service upgraded, we will be glad to provide you with a free on site consultation and guaranteed quote. Your home will be serviced by a state of Colorado licensed Master Electrician so you can be assured the job will be done correctly the first time. Please Contact us if you have any question or would like to schedule an appointment or recieve a free guaranteed quote.
 No Problem! Contact us for an inspection of the work, we will assess it and make sure it was done safely and to code, if not we will be able to correct it.
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*please note, we strongly discourage homeowners from attempting electrical work on their homes. Even when a job that seems simple, mistakes can easily be made resulting in the possibility of electric fire and/or electrocution. Always consult with a qualified electrical contractor.
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