Your logo is "Your Qualified Electrician", what do you mean by Qualified?
Do you charge an hourly fee, and then give us the unknown bill total when the job is completed?
Do you provide a warranty and carry a proper insurance policy?
Why is it that new electrical codes require devices such as arc fault protection and tamper resistant wall outlets today and never in the past?
How can I receive more information about the services you offer?
Do you provide Service in rural areas such as farms and mountain homes?
Do you charge a fee for estimates?
Really, how important are the electrical inspections you offer?
 No, we give a total guaranteed price, agreed upon with the customer, prior to any work being performed. This price is guaranteed, regardless of hours accumulated, even if the servcie takes longer than anticipated. Please see out pricing policy for more information.
 Yes, and we still offer the same great prices and services received by our customers in our general servcie areas. Just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss about provide service in your area and make arrangements for an appointment, including a free guaranteed on site quote at your convenience.
 The National Electrical Code (NEC) is republished every 3 years with several revisions and new codes added. As technology continuosly advances, new devices become available to protect homes and individuals from fire and electrical shock with tremendous success. The NEC is solely concerned with finding new ways to protect us from the always present hazards of electricity by studying past statistics and codes and using todays available means for improvement.
 Yes, We carry a insurance policy well above the minimal requirements and provide our customers with a desirable parts and labor warranty.
 No, all of our estimates, which we refer to as an "on site guaranteed quotes", are free in our general service areas. This includes not only our guaranteed quotes, but free demonstrations and general consultations are included as well, Please contact us to for more information or to schedule an appointment for a free on site guaranteed quote and or consultation.
 Fill free to give us a call, speak to the owner personally, we are here to help and assist you with any questions you may have. You can also text us, e-mail us, contact us on twitter or Facebook, we will respond as quickly as possible. Remember there is no stupid question when it comes to electricity, please contact us to assist help you with any electrical information, questions, solutions are services you desire.
 As home and business occupancies age, new electrical codes and standards are coming about in response of todays energy demands and case studies at a quicker rate today then anytime in the past. In addition, with electrical work being attempted more and more by unqualified and unlicensed individuals, electrical inspections are very important and highly recommended for the safety, integrity and efficiency for your electrical system. For more information about the electrical inspections we offer please check out out electrical inspection page.
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 The term "Qualified" in the electrical field means that we have obtained all the necessary training and knowledge required to perform the our services in a safe and correct manner. We stay up to date with all the current and new code changes, regulations and standards through continuing education and training. We work directly with dealers and manufactures to receiving proper training in regards to installation procedures, resulting in certifications when applicable. Our customers can be assured that we are qualified for any service we offer or perform. Remember being a qualified electrician is much more than just carrying a state electrical license.
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